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& No Hidden Fees

easyMarkets Benefits:

Tight Fixed Spreads and No Slippage

Free and Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit

No hidden fees, no funding fees

Trade anytime, any day and anywhere with web & mobile trading

Negative Balance Protection and price transparency

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Spreads & Leverage

easyMarkets offers unique tools and trading conditions when trading Bitcoin and Ethereum

Instrument Fixed Spreads from 1 Contract Max Leverage
Web / App MT4 Web / App MT4
BTC / USD 50 USD 45 USD 1 Bitcoin 1:30 1:20
XRP / USD 0.008 USD 0.005 USD 1000 Ripple 1:20 1:20
ETH / USD 3.5 USD 3 USD 1 Ethereum 1:20 1:20
LTC / USD 0.55 USD 0.5 USD 1 Litecoin 1:20 1:20
BCH / USD 2.5 USD 2 USD 1 Bitcoin Cash 1:20 1:20
XLM / USD 0.002 USD 0.0015 USD 1000 Stellar 1:20 1:20
ADA / USD 0.01 USD 0.008 USD 1 Cardano 1:10 1:10
ALG / USD 0.01 USD 0.008 USD 1 Algorand 1:10 1:10
SOL / USD 0.8 USD 0.7 USD 1 Solana 1:10 1:10
UNI / USD 0.09 USD 0.08 USD 1 Uniswap 1:10 1:10
DOT / USD 0.12 USD 0.1 USD 1 Polkadot 1:10 1:10
LNK / USD 0.1 USD 0.09 USD 1 ChainLink 1:10 1:10
ZEC / USD 1.1 USD 1 USD 1 Zcash 1:10 1:10
OMG / USD 0.04 USD 0.03 USD 1 OmiseGO 1:10 1:10
MTC / USD 0.012 USD 0.01 USD 1 Polygon 1:10 1:10
DSH / USD 1.1 USD 1 USD 1 Dash 1:10 1:10
DOG / USD 0.0015 USD 0.001 USD 1 Dogecoin 1:10 1:10
XMR / USD 1.75 USD 1.5 USD 1 Monero 1:10 1:10
CHZ / USD 0.0018 USD 0.0016 USD 1 Chiliz 1:10 1:10
AVA / USD 0.6 USD 0.5 USD 1 Avalanche 1:10 1:10

What Fueled the Bitcoin Rally?

  • $66,974.77

    20 Oct 2021

    Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high, propelled by the approval of the first ProShares Bitcoin ETF by SEC on October 19th, 2021.


  • $61,732

    13 Mar 2021

    Bitcoin surpasses important psychological level of $60,000


  • $50962.79

    16 Feb 2021

    Bitcoin Trades above $50,000 for first time

    Wall Street Journal

  • $49068.10

    14 Feb 2021

    BNY Mellon is making the leap into the market for bitcoin

    Wall Street Journal

  • $47350.00

    10 Feb 2021

    Mastercard Will Begin Facilitating Cryptocurrency Transactions in 2021


  • $46750.00

    08 Feb 2021

    Tesla announced $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and future payments

    Wall Street Journal

  • $34499.20

    05 Jan 2021

    JPMorgan Chase & Co said that Bitcoin has the potential to reach $146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as an asset class


  • $10931.24

    Oct 2020

    PayPal allows Bitcoin and crypto spending


Advantages of trading Cryptocurrencies

Security of Funds when trading cryptos with easyMarkets - Tier 1 AU bank for easy deposits/withdrawals vs. Funds are held in a third party exchange

Trade with easyMarkets

Maximum Leverage 1:30
i.e. Trade 1 Bitcoin at today’s price ($51,000) with only $1700.

Buy or sell at anytime

No hidden fees or commissions

Benefit from both the rise (i.e. going long) or the drop (i.e. going short, or short selling cryptocurrency CFDs).

Proprietary risk management tools, negative balance protection, no slippage and fixed spreads.

Deep analytical data using easyMarkets native platform or MT4.

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs with easyMarkets gives you access to a regulated broker established in 2003.

Buy from an exchange

No Leverage 1:1
i.e. Trade 1 Bitcoin at today’s price ($51,000) with the full $51,000.

Not Immediate – when selling you need a buyer, when buying you need a seller.

Cryptocurrency exchanges often charge commissions and have other hidden fees.

Only benefit when buying at a lower price and holding the crypto until the price rises.

Little to no risk management other than a trading strategy set by the trader.

Third party solutions, some require payment or subscriptions.

There are many unregulated and unreliable exchanges, exposing clients to unnecessary risk.

Why trade with easyMarkets

Two feature-packed platforms to enjoy Online Trading


Lower spreads mean lower costs for you. Not only are our spreads some of the lowest in the industry, but they are also fixed. Your costs can be calculated up front, without complex calculations.

MT4 is one of the most widely used trading platforms in the world. It’s a powerful tool for advanced traders. There are multiple customization that can be used, analysis tools and overlays.

An EA is a piece of software that automates trading. Some are simple and just open and close trades at set price levels, others perform multiple functions.

MT4’s interface is optimized for speed, this includes functions for charting, trading and executing trades. Place a trade in just one click.


Choose from over 200+ markets including shares, cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, Oil, Metals and Indices. Click on the instrument you want to trade to load into the platform automatically.

We guarantee that your trade will placed at the exact price you clicked on.

Stop loss protects your account from runaway loses by closing a trade when it reaches a negative for your trade level. This is not only guaranteed with easyMarkets but it also come at no additional cost.

Trade anywhere you have an internet connection. Our intuitive app gives you all the functionality of our web platform but on your mobile device!

Undo losing trades within 1, 3 or 6 hours for a small fee and protect yourself against unexpected volatility. Want to trade before an event but unsure about the outcome? Just protect with dealCancellation for a small fee!

Freeze live rates for a few seconds so you can place or close a trade during volatility!

easyMarkets most innovative trading ticket to date. Trade without Margin Requirements, Zero Spreads and with a Risk Amount you set and lock in before you trade. It quick too, place a trade in 4 simple steps: choose your instrument, decide your risk amount, the trade duration and if you want to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’!

Price transparency guarantee

easyMarkets offers an exceptional trading experience. We offer unparalleled customer support, as voted by the clients themselves, and complete price transparency.

Market execution without requotes.

Quick Withdrawals to the method your deposit was made.

Multiple deposit methods with local methods available for many locations.

Our spreads never change when trading even during extreme market volatility.

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