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What our Traders say about us

Excellent Trading Conditions

100% Fixed Spreads

All our spreads are fixed 100% of the time. Know your cost in any market condition.

0 Commission

We don’t charge any commission nor should you worry about hidden commissions. Just enjoy trading!


0 Slippage

Our platform has never had slippage! Always execute trades at requested price or better.


0 Fees on Deposits & Withdrawals

We cover all your funding fees and make sure the amount you deposit is the amount you trade with.


Negative Balance Protection

Never lose more than you invest, no matter the circumstances or market conditions.

100% Stop Loss Guarantee

Your stop loss is guaranteed 100% of the time. We always protect you against the unexpected and limit your risk.

All the financial markets in one easy place

easyMarkets Web Trader

One platform, 200+ markets and all the tools needed in one fast, friendly interface.

easyMarkets MT4

One of the world’s most popular platform with the easyMarkets level of service and benefits.